Meet the band


Tony formed OFF THE RAILS back in 2006 and has years of experience, which includes being one of the founder members of Hard Cash from the early 70's.


Tony has a love of technology and uses  some very scary pieces of electronic kit to create his unique sound.

Tim has played in several diverse bands over the years such as a 'Yes' tribute.


By day Tim is a guitar teacher with over 20yrs experiance under his belt as well as a BA Hons degree & Grade 8 Classical/Rock guitar status to his name.

Mick is another well travelled musician who has played in many local bands from the Northwest such as, VAT Free, Vamika and Baby Driver.


He "Drives The Beat and Look Out for The Hat"



Andy Rock 'The Voice', this guy has a voice of gravel yet still reaches notes mere mortals only dream of.


Andy has been on the music scene since just after the war in popular rock bands such as, Rubian, Loki and Stone Cutter.